This place is a blast ! it can get expensive if you buy the paint there but is all day fun. We went with a group of 53 people, 26 were the kids from my sons football team and the rest were parents and siblings. We had fun shooting the crap out of each other all day. I enjoyed it so much we bought some used guns and went back the following weekend. We will be coming back here for sure and bringing new people in.

Bill P.Escondido, CA

Just wanted to send a note and tell you how much my twin sons enjoyed the paintball camp. They had a fabulous time – they even went back for most of the second session! Love it that they are spending summertime outdoors! Thanks to all.

Lisa M.Aliso Viejo, CA

I was at The Paintball Park on Wednesday 5/7 as part of a large private group from Cox Communications.  I just wanted to say that your staff there was very courteous, professional and helpful.  The playing fields were incredible.  Our referee for the day was Aaron and he was terrific!  He helped us get set up and ran a few exciting games for us.  We had a great time and everybody left looking forward to playing again-soon.
Thank you very much for a great day,

COX Private GroupSan Diego

I have been to many paintball parks and i must say camp pendleton is one of the best by far.
We do drive in from Los Angeles but its worth it, good staff, good fields, and fresh ocean breeze! big plus when you are sweating.
Honest players with good refs at this place. Overall you def gotta check this place out

Robert C.Los Angeles, CA

My team and I have been playing on this field for years and years now. The staff has only gotten better! Very safety conscious and interactive with the players. They always have a new twist to put on any game we come up with to make it more challenging! Prices are fair and the rental gear (from what I hear and have seen) is great too! Thanks guys!!

Terry E.Whittier, CA

One of the better paintball places in so cal.  Good courses, staff thats easy going….despite being on a marine base.  I live within miles of SC Village and I drive past Jungle Island to go there.  Theres about 20 people i usually play with and they all agree, its worth the drive

Jeff S.Huntington Beach, CA

I took my 14 year old son and 3 of his friends – all first timers – and I was really worried they were going to get hurt as of course they had to sign those scary release of liability forms (possible “death”).  And as it was their first time (I’ve done it before though), I know how aggressive it can get.  BUT THEY DID JUST FINE!  The fields were amazing, as well as the refs.  The refs knew whether or not they should be on the beginner, intermediate or advanced fields and had no hesitation directing them to the correct field.  I was happy they were all good after a couple of rounds to make it to advanced  😉

Gina G.Huntington Beach, CA

I’m new(ish) to paintball, but in my opinion, this place is the bees knees.  They built a new park and added all kinds of sweet stuff like castles, villages and dinosaurs.  There are a ton of different fields to play on so it doesn’t get boring.
Last month they added a food truck which is nice for dorky all day players like myself.  Just be prepared for them to run out of certain foods if you eat a little later in the day.

Rachel M.Oceanside, CA

I have played this game/sport for a long time now…and have been involved in this industry for a long time and I can honestly say that I am glad Southern California has a park like this to play paintball at. The Paintball Park offers both fun “scenario” fields complete with castles, tanks and other great props…as well as a competitive “tournament” style park with turf and airball fields. The prices are pretty average, but the fields are most always well kept, “clean” and ready to have fun on.

Gus L.Escondido, CA

Well, get up off that couch and go play some paintball.  The “maps” at this park are life-like…one is like you are in Kabul or Fallujah, Iraq.  Sure, the paintballs sting a bit, and leave some bruises, but atleast you’ll burn some calories, and play against real people…marines and army soldiers in some cases…9 year old boys who aim for your forehead in other cases.

Jee M.San Diego, CA