Wow amazing variety of courses and types of bunkers to hide behind! Really challenges you to think of strategies in using the terrain to your advantage, such as taking the hill first to get high ground advantage or using all the bushes along the side to sneak up fast on the other side. One of Beth C’s favorite field is a small one with plenty of large wooden boxes set up some with ‘windows’ cut out of them puts you in close quarters with the other team, feels like you were playing Counter Strike, “boom! headshot” wahahah!

Karen C.Pasadena, CA

Best paintball park in Southern California no doubt. My team San Diego Undisputed practices here along with many other tournament paintball teams. Great refs and Staff as well as 4 speedball fields and an amazing amount of woodsball fields. Entry is cheap and they allow you to bring your own paint. Thats a key thing that a lot of people want. Overall don’t waste your time going anywhere else. I have TCP and thats only 20 mins away but my whole team drives about an hour here cause its so worth the drive!

Tyler S.El Cajon, CA

I can’t say anything bad about this place. We brought 10 kids here for my son’s 12th birthday party. These boys were so excited and were not disappointed. We worried they were going to get hurt, but it wasn’t near as bad as we thought it would be. I did it too and got a paintball on my knuckle and that hurt the most. One on my leg hurt, but just for a moment. The kids will never forget what a great time they had. We will go back again.

Susan S.Huntington Beach, CA

My son and I love this place….staff is great and a fantastic blend of people playing!!!

Robert F.Long Beach, CA

Great place for seasoned players and father and son duos alike. Friendly atmosphere, down to earth refs, playable field and fun scenarios. Definitely worth going to again and again. Bring you’re friends and you’ll make memories not soon forgot. Plus I never need to worry about people stealing my stuff because staff is mostly active duty military.

Austin H.Laguna Hills, CA