Now that the holiday’s have officially come to a close, we are looking for ways to incorporate more hashtag giveaways that extend year-round. We received really great feedback and participation during the #PaintTheHalls giveaway and want to give you all more opportunities for discounts or free things at our parks!

Starting next week, Thursday January 18th, we will begin our weekly Thursday giveaway using the hashtag #ThrifyThursday! This giveaway will occur every week on Thursday and is only valid for the following Friday, Saturday and Sunday of that week. We will be initiating this giveaway on both Facebook and Instagram and there will be only one winner per user. So, even if you participate on both Facebook and Instagram, you will only receive one prize per week.

This is a one-day contest – meaning you must participate on Thursday in order to be eligible to receive a prize. Posts or participation that is made any other day of the week will not be considered.

There are a variety of prizes and discounts that will differ, weekly. We will announce the criteria and what you must do to participate in a post from us on Thursday. So, stay tuned!

As of right now, we are only offering these discounts at our Camp Pendleton location. But, we hope to extend this to all of our parks very soon!

Good luck!